Los Angeles Fedora 9 Release Party Success


The Los Angeles Fedora 9 Release Party at California State University, Los Angeles. College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology. A220. The administrations have already know and aware that we have food in this release party.


There were many people who came in and out of the event, and there were estimated about 40 people total who came to the event. But there are 24 people who are recorded in the sign up sheet. I invited anyone if they’d like to contribute at the event.


Ian and Spencer contributed by offering a real time Fedora 9 dual-boot installation.


Steven in action!



Steven contributed by showing the audience on how to setup the development environment, 3D game, and OpenGL in Fedora 9.



Ian is explaining to the audience graphically on what does it mean by partitioning a hard drive and how to partition their hard drive correctly using the Fedora 9 installer.


Jimmy is busy installing Fedora 9 on his laptop, he contributed to the event by donating 4 pieces of USB to be raffled for those who would like to try the Fedora 9 Live USB. Thanks Jimmy! :)



Tommy is the President of the ECST Student Council is posing and proud with his Linux Toys II. He contributed to the event by sharing his ideas and experiences with open source. He wished that Linux detects his Mac Book hardware better..




Being proud for Fedora Linux Toolbox!!



Being proud for Fedora 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible


Posing at the best of his ability for Fedora Linux Toolbox


Emmanuel with his Fedora 9 Live CD


Potato salad, 50 pieces of chickens, cole slaw, cokes, and water was served while I was introducing Fedora to the audience. Unfortunately, nobody was being able to take my picture at that time :(

We had a lot of interesting discussion, and questions about installation and Linux in general. I introduced myself to the audience, then I started the presentation on what is Fedora, who are Fedora and what make Fedora. I also spoke some of the historical background and the difference between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. At the end of my presentation, we had some questions and answer sessions, and I was talking on how could they contribute in the Fedora project and/or in the open source community in general.

After my presentation, there was a community sharing session. At that time, we shared experiences with each other about open source project that we have contributed and/or used, and answering questions on why do we use these open source software compared to the proprietary software. One of the audiences said, “I’m tired of cracking everything..”.

Ron, a Software Engineer who attended the event with both of his children stated that this event is a chance for him to get to know Fedora Core as one of the Linux distribution and actually try it out to replace Windows Vista.

I gave out all of the items that I had for the giveaways sessions, including: 30 Fedora 9 DVDs, 10 Fedora Live CDs, 2 Fedora 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible *I just realized that I didn’t take the other guy’s picture.. :(*, 2 Linux Toolbox book, 1 Linux Toys II book. We also did a raffle to the 4 USB Sticks that Jimmy contributed for the event for those who would like to try out the Fedora 9 Live USB. I told the audiences on how to setup the Fedora 9 Live USB, and where to get them. I also setup the Live USB creation station at the Computer Science department office for anyone to use.

There were total of 24 people who are recorded in my sign up sheet, but there were estimated about 40 people who came to the event. I also would like to give credits to the people who have supported and helped me: Lily, Claudia, and Colleen

Thank you all! 😀